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L'ANZA Quick Tip

The winter season is definintely here, and your hair is definitely feeling it. Winter is known for its ability to sap away your hair of its natural oils and making it lifeless and without any shine. Prevent this by using L'ANZA Healing Trauma Treatment "Cocktailed" with L'ANZA Keratin Healing Oil as a leave-in conditioner!

Calming Bang Cowlicks

One of the most effective techniques for dealing with cowlicks at the bang area is to try drying the bangs forward with a vent or round brush so that the cowlick will be weighted down. Another technique is to have a hairstyle that incorporates the cowlick into the style thereby creating lift at the cowlick. Use styling tools to support either styling technique.

Curling Iron Styling

If you want a longer hold when you style with a curling iron try spraying hairspray BEFORE curling hair.

Styling With Hot Rollers

When using hot rollers spray dry hair first with a "working" hairspray. Take your first section and comb it smooth, spray with hairspray and then twist the section before wrapping on the roller. This will give a spiral look to your curls. After rollers have cooled take out rollers and spray with a "working" hairspray. Finally turn head upside down and run your fingers through your hair.

Hair Splits At Crown Area

This problem can be treated by utilizing the correct styling tools and drying the problem area in the opposite direction to redirect the hair and give it more lift. Don't dry the hair flat to your head as it magnifies the split in the crown area. Instead use a vent brush to lift the hair at the scalp. If the hair is sticking up in the crown area and you have a short cut, try growing the hair longer. You should find that the weight of the hair will weigh down the crown cowlick.

Using a Blowdryer and Brush To Turn One Length Hair Under

After drying hair 70% dry use a round brush or rounded vent brush begin drying hair under. Use a working spray and spray on the ends of your hair while the brush is in a turned under postion in your hair. Aim the blow dryer at the hair that is in the brush for 15 seconds then let the hair cool for 5-10 seconds and then remove brush. You may have to turn the dryer off and put it on the counter until you get used to applying the technique. The key factor is spraying the hair, then using a blowdryer set to "hot" to act like a curling iron then allowing the hair to cool before removing the brush. Repeat until all the hair is dryed under. If you have a lot of hair try pinning the top layer up and working first on the underneath layer.