Outlooks Hair Salon Service Policy

Outlooks Hair Salon Cancellation Policy

Outlooks Hair Salon would like to thank everyone for their continued loyalty and support. With all of our stylists growth come busy schedules and limited availability. To ensure that everyone is able to get in for their desired service, time, and date, we have all collectively worked together to come up with a fair cancellation policy. We also provide confirmation thru email, and follow up with a phone call and text message, at which time you can reschedule or cancel your appointment.

A credit card is required per guests file. Less than 24 hour notice of an appointment being rescheduled, the guest will be charged 50% of the scheduled service. If the guest cancels or "no shows" on the day of appointment, the guest will be charged 100% of scheduled service fee. If you would like to avoid giving a credit card number, you may only make an appointment in salon, as a "walk in" the day of, as long as a stylist has the time available. If there are any questions or concerns about this policy, please contact salon directly at (508) 285-5208.

Right to Refuse Service

At Outlooks Hair Salon, our priority is the health and integrity of your hair, alongside the artistic and personalized services we provide. Our commitment to excellence and education in the latest hair care techniques and trends informs every aspect of our work. Below is our policy designed to ensure that every service and recommendation aligns with our culture, values, and the highest standards of hair care.

Transparency and Communication

We believe in clear and open communication with our clients. Our policy to refuse service if it does not align with the best interest of your hair's health and integrity is communicated through our website, service menus, and within our salon. This ensures that our clients understand our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of hair care.

Education and Consultation

Our team is committed to not only providing exceptional services but also to educating our clients on the reasons behind our recommendations. If we believe a requested service may compromise the health or integrity of your hair, we will provide a thorough explanation and suggest alternative approaches that align with our professional standards.

Professional Judgment and Expertise

Our stylists are empowered to use their professional judgment to recommend the best services for your hair. We invest in continuous education to ensure our team is knowledgeable about the latest techniques and products that promote hair health and integrity. This ongoing learning enables us to offer advice and services that truly benefit our clients.

Customized Client Care

We understand that each client is unique. Our team is dedicated to creating personalized hair care experiences that reflect the individual's style and needs while prioritizing hair health. We provide tailored at-home hair care recommendations to ensure your hair remains vibrant and healthy between visits.

Integrity and Artistry

The integrity of your hair and the artistry of our work are paramount. We view each service as an opportunity to enhance both the beauty and health of your hair. Our salon is a space where creativity and care converge, and we are committed to upholding these values in every service we offer.

Continual Improvement

Outlooks Hair Salon is dedicated to continual improvement and staying at the forefront of hair care and styling. We regularly review and update our policies, techniques, and services to ensure we are providing the most beneficial and innovative hair care solutions available.

We appreciate your trust in us to care for your hair and are excited to work with you to achieve beautiful, healthy results. Thank you for choosing Outlooks Hair Salon, where your hair's health and beauty are our top priority.

Outlooks Hair Salon Product Return Policy.

At Outlooks Hair Salon, we are committed to providing our clients with high-quality hair care products, brushes, and hair tools, ensuring satisfaction with every purchase. We understand that selecting the right product can sometimes be challenging. To address concerns regarding product satisfaction while maintaining our standards for hygiene and quality, we have established the following policy for product returns and trades:

  1. No Returns or Refunds on Used Products: We are unable to offer returns or refunds on any products once they have been used. This policy is in place to ensure the safety, hygiene, and integrity of our products for all our customers.
  2. Trade of Equal Value: We offer the option to trade a product for another of equal value, subject to the following conditions:

    Assessment: The possibility of a trade is at the sole discretion of Outlooks Hair Salon and will be determined based on the usage of the product, the time elapsed since the original purchase, and the condition of the product.

    Eligibility: To be considered for a trade, the product must be returned with a significant amount of the product remaining (as determined by salon staff) and must be in good condition.

    Time Frame: Requests for product trades must be made within 14 days of the original purchase date to be considered.

  3. Proof of Purchase: A valid receipt or proof of purchase is required for any trade inquiry.
  4. Exclusions: Certain products, brushes, and hair tools may be excluded from eligibility for trade, including but not limited to clearance items, discontinued products, and special promotions. These items are considered final sale.

We value your business and aim to provide flexible solutions to ensure your satisfaction. Should you have a concern about a product you've purchased from us, we encourage you to contact our team at outlookshairsalon@gmail.com. We're here to assist with finding a suitable solution that meets your needs.

For any further questions regarding this policy or if you wish to discuss a specific product concern, please reach out to the Team at Outlooks Hair Salon.

Salon Cellphone Etiquette: A Little Nudge with a Smile

Welcome to our Style Oasis!

At Outlooks Hair Salon, we're all about creating an experience that leaves you feeling fabulous, both inside and out. In our quest to ensure everyone enjoys their time, we have a tiny, yet mighty request for our beloved tech enthusiasts.

Phone Chats: The Dos and Don'ts

FaceTiming Your Pet? We totally understand – they’re adorable. However, let’s keep those “Who’s a good boy?” moments for our Quiet Room, where your endearing conversations won’t be a backdrop to someone else’s relaxation session.

Speakerphone Stories: If you’re tempted to share the latest episode of your life on speaker, remember the salon floor is more ‘preview’ than ‘feature film’. Our Quiet Room is the perfect spot for those can’t-miss calls, offering all the privacy you need.

Loud and Proud Convos: Got a story that just can’t wait? If your voice is competing with the sound of our styling tools, it might be time for a venue change. Our Quiet Room welcomes all your animated tales and heartfelt chats.

The Quiet Room: Your Go-To Gossip Booth

For those times when your conversation needs a little more privacy or volume, our Quiet Room is at your service. It’s your personal space to connect without holding back, whether it's calls, texts, or even a live stream.

Why This Little Request?

Because we love keeping the vibe as vibrant as our hair colors, ensuring everyone’s visit is as enjoyable as their look. It’s about respect, privacy, and a dash of common sense.

A Huge Thank You from Outlooks Hair Salon

Your understanding and cooperation mean the world to us, more than a flawless hair flip on a windy day. Thanks for keeping the spirit lively and the conversations in the right place. You’re the reason our salon is such a special place.